AFFILIATED PLAYERS (Tweed Minor Hockey Association)


OMHA rules and regulations for Affiliated Players (APs)

What is an AP player?

  • An affiliated player (AP) is a player who is eligible to play on their own registered team, plus one other team of a higher age division or category

  • A player can affiliate for no more than one other team; once they have been rostered as an AP they cannot switch to affiliate for another team in that season

  • Note for local league players:  Select does not count towards an AP; a player can be rostered to their own team, as an AP for a higher age division or category team, plus be rostered on a Select team

Who can affiliate for a given team?

  • In accordance with OMHA policy, affiliated players can come from either the same age division, lower category or the same category, lower age division

  • For example, from a team perspective, PeeWee BB can AP from PeeWee AE or PeeWee LL (same age; lower category); or from Atom BB (same category, lower age). PeeWee AE cannot AP from Atom BB (lower age, higher category)

  • From a player perspective, a PeeWee LL player can AP for any of Bantam LL, PeeWee BB or PeeWee AE.  A PeeWee BB player could also AP for the PeeWee (or Minor PeeWee)

  • A player must fulfill their obligations to their rostered team before participating as an AP

AP paperwork

  • In order to play as an AP in a game, a player must be rostered as an AP for that team.

  • In order to participate in the AP program, a player must first be on an approved rostered with their registered team.

  • An OMHA Offer of Affiliation form must be completed and signed by all of the following individuals: the coach offering the AP position, the coach of the player’s registered team, the player, the player’s parent and the association OMHA Representative (VP Operations, Registrar, and/or Centre Contact) 

  • The player is then added to the affiliating team’s roster for approval by the OMHA

  • In order to be used as an AP in a game situation, the player must be on the approved roster of the affiliating team as an AP.

  • The deadline for rostering an AP is January 15th

  • Please note: this form must be given to potential AP player - AP Affiliation Form

TMHA guidelines for APs

idelines on offering AP positions

  • AP positions provide assistance to teams to fill in for injured or absent players

  • The TMHA requires the signing of APs such that it maximizes opportunities for all players, and recognizes that teams have access to different pools of players dependent upon their division

  • With this goal in mind, where an LL team exists, the TMHA encourages coaches of Rep teams to consider selecting APs from the LL team in the same division as a primary source.  A secondary source of APs would be the team from the lower division.

  • This approach will help to ensure that Rep teams have reasonable access to local league players should they also require the assistance of APs.

Communication before signing

  • Most players are in a position where they are eligible to sign as an AP for more than one option of team.

  • Before the OMHA delegate (TMHA VP Operations, Registrar & Centre Contact) signs an offer of affiliation, he/she will ensure that the player and the player’s family understands all options available to them before committing to a specific team

  • Prior to the player stepping on the ice the coach for the registered team must first approve the request.

  • In the end, the parents and players have the right to choose to affiliate for any eligible team who gives them an offer.

Participation in games

  • APs are to be used to fill gaps, not to augment lineups

  • The primary use of APs is to fill in for absent or injured players

  • For games, teams will only be allowed to call up APs to match the number of players listed on their OMHA approved roster sheet.

     The only exceptions are as follows:

    • A rep team rostering only one goalie is affiliating a backup goalie
    • For tournaments, where a team may wish to augment their bench in case of an injury or suspension
  • In all cases, the TMHA Fair and Equal Ice Policy and Rep Ice Time Guidelines shall apply

Participation in practices

  • Potential APs are permitted to attend practices of a higher division/category team without being signed as an AP